Courier Export

FUEL MENSUAL: "11,75%"

Thanks to international agreements reached with main service providers of each country, in Raiconet we can offer you the best transit times and adapt our international courier service tailored to your needs. Service design to ship documents and small packages door to door with online tracking, proof of delivery, preset pick-up times and personalized attention. The weight must not exceed 50 Kg. of gross weight or $ 3,000 of FOB value.

Steps to follow to be able to process your shipments and calculate your rate:

  • Select your type of service:

Simply select between Economy and Priority

  • Verify weight of the package(s)

Fee calculation

Estimate the volumetric weight and compare it to the real weight, always rounding up fractions of kilograms to the next half kilo. Remember that you must chose the biggest of both weights (volumetric Vs. real), whenever you have more than one package do this operation for each individual package, select the bigger weight in each instance and add those weights to obtain the total weight to be use for your quote.

Dimensional weight = L (cm) x W (cm) x H (cm)


L= Length

W= width

H= Height

  • Determine the zone by destination/country and service
  • Verify if any additional charges may be applicable based on the selected service

Types of service:


International simple mail distribution service. Pick-up service is not provided and there is not proof of delivery. See our collection points

Collection points


Service designed to lower costs on shipments of documents and samples all over the world delivering them within 4 to 6 business days. The service provides online tracking and door to door delivery,


Certified delivery service for documents and samples around the world. The service provides you with online tracking and deliver your shipment door to door within 2 to 4 business days.

Benefits of our export courier service

  • We operate within the best transit times.
  • We are the only option that operates in the country as a licensed postal mail carrier.
  • We can pick-up a shipments for export from any city in Argentina.
  • We offer several categories of priority services for the various alternatives of service.
  • We are the only Courier provider that offers custom packaging for every need.
  • An exclusive account executive and a customer service specialist is assigned to each client.
  • Through our website, it is possible:

1-ordering a pick-up, request a quote.

2-Follow-up of the status of every shipment (Track & Trace).

3- Global coverage

General conditions

  • Training to be able to print air waybills online.
  • Application for insurance: depending on the type of goods transported.
  • Printing of air waybills and tracking of shipments.

Forms of payment

  • Cash
  • Checking account
  • Online payment through “Mercado Libre” (all ways of payment are accepted).
  • Credit cards.
  • Bank transfers.
  • Personalized collections