Import Ocean Freight

Regarding the Import Ocean Freight Service, we have a strategic network of agents for international freight, knowing and covering each one of our customers’ needs and most importantly, we work together with all the supply chain. From the beginning of each sale we are permanently working side by side to the importer closing circuits and assuming a compromise in each transaction. We provide our support in accordance to the following detail:


  • From United States: Miami, New York and the rest of the country.
  • International logistic from the whole territory of United States.
  • From Brazil: Santos, Rio de Janeiro.
  • From Europe: Barcelona, Valencia, Génova, Hamburgo, Amberes.
  • International logistic from Europe.
  • From East: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Singapur, Navasheva, Chennai and the rest of Continental China.
  • International logistic for freights IMO (dangerous).
  • Consolidation from origin of several suppliers.
  • Comprehensive advising about ut import paperwork.
  • Consolidation of origin for several purchase orders.
  • Direct routes and weekly departures from each port of origin.


  • We work with the best transit times.
  • We are the only option which work as a courier of couriers in the country.
  • We have options of priority services in many categories.
  • The only Courier which offers a customized packaging according to each requirement.
  • Assigment of an account executive and of an exclusive customer service for each customer.
  • Through our web it is possible to:
    1. Arrange collections, ask quotatios.
    2. Check the status of your shipments on line (Track & Trace).
    3. Global coverage.


  • Training for on line printing of airwaylbill.
  • Insurance service: According to the type of goods to be carried.
  • Print of airwaybills and on line tracking of shipments.
  • Special packagings in accordance with each necessity.


Raiconet has a highly trained staff to advice you and together to carry out a fast transaction, reliable and according to your requirements.


  • Cash.
  • Current account.
  • On line payment through Mercado Pago (all means of payment).
  • Payments with credit cards.
  • Bank transfers.
  • Customized collects.