International courier services -package-

Courier pickups from any place in the world.
We place at your disposition recollection services for Courier shipments not exceeding 50 kg and $3,000 USD FOB in an easy, fast, reliable and economic way, from almost anywhere in the world through agreements with the most prestigious international logistics firms. Important agreements with logistical suppliers and agents abroad allow us to maximize the quality and predictability of our “Global Pickup Service” while reducing transit times and costs.

Immediate activation:

  • With the receipt from you of your supplier order’s data, we shall coordinate the collection with our agents immediately.

Direct flights:

  • Daily direct flights from Miami, Madrid and major airports in Orient guarantee the best transit times.


  • Must be a legal person or entity identified by a CUIT/CUIL number and Fiscal
    password with a security level 3 as a minimum. It is not required to have an
    Importer’s License.


  • Daily flights frequency.
  • Online follow up.
  • The best transit times.
  • Personalized customer service.
  • Guidance of Customs related matters by our specialized team.
  • Immediate price quotes.
  • Online control panel to assist the customer to self-fulfil any required documentation.

Information required to request a quote to our specialized department at

  • Origin.
  • Weight (Kg).
  • Dimensions (cm) or Volumetric weight (Length x height x width/5000).
  • FOB value (USD).
  • Content description.

Forms of payment:

  • Cash.
  • Credit Cards.
  • Checks.
  • All means of payment are accepted online through “Mercado Pago”.
  • Bank transfers.