Ecommerce Service

Our RAIBOX locker is a reliable online tool where you can manage all your purchases abroad, to receive, store, organize them and control all shipments until you reach the maximum shipping limits stablished by Argentinean Customs (up to FOB USD 3000 / 50 kg), this will allow you to take fully advantage of 5 annual shipments permitted at destination per consignee.
Our RAIBOX locker is the fastest and easiest way in the market to manage your purchases.*

Deliveries can be made at your home or at our offices.
Which countries are members of the European Union.
By query Every customer is encouraged to inform their vendors what’s their Ecommerce account address at the moment the orders are placed, this is to ensure the orders arrive without delays to our installations where it they will be handled as per the customer’s instructions.


Your address overseas

USA – Your supplier sends your purchase order:
RIC Global Shipping LLC

c/o Name of the consignee in Argentina
7848 NW 71 street
Miami, Fl 33166
Tel: 3057170978
Fax: 3057170949
Federal ID # 65-0950814
General Manager: Pablo Escuza

Madrid – Your supplier sends your purchase order:
Europa Geobox S. L

c/o Name of the consignee in Argentina
Calle del Arte, 16 – Local 3
28033 – Madrid
Tel: 917682129 – Fax: 917682130
Contact: Andrés Ruiz


Houston – Your supplier sends your purchase order:
Tejas Freight Fwdg. Inc.

c/o Name of the consignee in Argentina
3340 Greens Road
Bldg. B, Ste. 680
Houston, TX 77032
Tel: 281 442-9377
Fax: 281 442-9468
Contact: Lucy Rodriguez

Shenzhen – Your supplier sends your purchase order:
c/o Name of the consignee in Argentina

Baihaoluoshan Road,
Houjie Town, Dongguan,
ZIP CODE: 523900

Anson Peng 13923303060
Betty Li 13510668672

Contact: Betty Li / Anson Peng


locker ecommerce

Requirements and limitations

General Resolution AFIP 4450/19

    • Number of shipments per person per calendar year: 5 (five).
    • User/consignee/receiver:
        – will have access to this service any legal persons or entity identified by a CUIT/CUIL number, purchases are for use or consumption by the addressee or his family group/staff.
    • Shipment limitations:
          – Shipments shall not exceed $3,000 USD FOB and/or 50 kilograms of weight.
        – Shipments must consist of up to 3 (three) units of the same kind and they should not presume to be for commercial purposes.
    • Content limitations per product class:
        – As per AFIP’s General resolution N°3916/2016 this regime is exempt from automatic and non-automatic licensing, certificates of origin, electrical safety licenses, stamps, toy camera, footwear, INAL.
    • Mandatory notification of reception:
          – The Courier must inform the Federal Administration (AFIP) of the delivery to the consignee, who will receive an email to his fiscal domicile.


      • Optimize the allowed entry quota of your shipments.
      • Personalized control of your own Ecommerce Bin.
      • Online control panel to assist the customer to manage his purchases.
      • Online follow-up.
      • Free storage up to 15 days at our origin warehouses.
      • Personalized customer service.

Information to be provided by you to our specialized department at when request a quote:

      • Origin of the shipment.
      • Weight (Kg).
      • Dimensions (cm) or Volumetric weight (Length x height x width/5000).
      • FOB value (USD).
      • Content description.

* Purchases from Europe for those customers adhered to the European Community can be handled only from Madrid.

Forbiden articles for importation through the ecommerce service:

      • Below you will find a list of some of the most commonly prohibited products to be imported to Argentina through the door to door Courier regime.
      • Jewelry, valuables: (art objects, precious stones), money.
      • Any food and/or liquor of Chinese origin.
      • Animals (living or dead), human remains, untreated skins, natural plants.
      • Firearms or their components, knives, cutters, ammunition.
      • Falsified material “Piracy”.
      • Flammable articles, perfumes, nail polish, spray paint, tear gas, hair spray, deodorant under the same presentation, compressed gases.
      • Biological samples, laboratory material, explosives, toxics, corrosives, oxidizing products.
      • Matches.
      • Drugs, cigars, cigarettes (even electronic).
      • Leather of exotic or endangered animals.
      • Dry ice.
      • Liquids and powders in general.
      • Electric skateboards.
      • Any items or products that may harm humans.
      • Batteries type A.
      • Electronic devices (Samsung Galaxy Note 7).
      • Batteries of all types, and portable chargers of Chinese origin.
      • Articles containing CHAS intervention (certificate of approval of auto parts security).
      • Articles restricted to be transported by air at Origen:
      • Some common automobile articles such as, (but not limited just to), batteries, airbags, shock absorbers (pneumatic or gas).
      • Items for export in origin containing fakes or replicas “Copy Brand Infringement”: these cases should be dealt with on an individual basis prior to shipment of the cargo to our deposits.
      • Flammable articles, perfumes, nail polish, spray paint, tear gas, hair spray, deodorant under the same presentation, compressed gases.
      • Biological samples, laboratory material, explosive, toxic, corrosive, oxidizing products.
      • Matches.
      • Electronics with Lithium Batteries: the Shipper should pack and label as required to IATA regulations. Depending to the nature and quantity of the battery it may be exempt from regulations or not.

If you are not sure whether if a product is restricted or not, It is advisable to ask your vendor for the respective MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), this document will assist us to determine if a product is considered hazmat or if it is not; we would like to mention as an example what happens to oil based inks and water based inks, both of them have their respective MSDS, on the first ones you will find most of the time they may be restricted, the second ones usually indicates on their MSDS that they are not considered as hazmat products.

Forms of payment:

    • Cash.
    • All means of payment are accepted online through “Mercado Pago”.
    • Credit Cards.
    • Wire transfers.