Power Shipping (MIA-BUE / MAD-BUE 24 hs)

It is a service developed for urgent shipments which do not exceed 50 kilograms and 3.000 dollars of FOB value. The customer makes the order of purchase to the regular supplier in the United States or Europe , and with a domestic courier it will be received in RAICO MIAMI (RIC Global Shipping, LLC) or RAICO MADRID (GEOBOX): OUR WAREHOUSE; from now: YOUR WAREHOUSE. Once the shipment is received, we check the attached paperwork in order to be dispatched to Argentina. Three daily flights guarantee that within 24 hours you will have your shipment nationalized and delivered in Capital Federal, Gran Buenos Aires or in the domestic transport you choose if your destination is in other city of the country. Our strengths align with:

  • TRANSIT TIME: Miami – Buenos Aires within 24 hrs. and Madrid-Buenos Aires within 24 hrs.
  • FLAT RATE: The cost per kilo for a shipment of 50 kilograms, will be the same applicable to a shipment of 3 kilograms for MIA-BUE
  • ADMINISTRATIVE COUNTING ORDER: You will receive, with the shipment, the paperwork required by the bank you operate with, commercial invoice from the supplier, airwaybill and original proof of importation.
  • MULTIPLE FLIGHTS: Frequency of 3 or 4 daily consolidations from Miami or Madrid, ensuring fluidity and transfer of your shipments.


USA – Your supplier sends your purchase order:
RIC Global Shipping LLC

c/o Name of the consignee in Argentina
7848 NW 71 street
Miami, Fl 33166
Tel: 3057170978
Fax: 3057170949
Federal ID # 65-0950814
General Manager: Pablo Escuza

Madrid – Your supplier sends your purchase order:
Europa Geobox S. L

c/o Name of the consignee in Argentina
Calle del Arte, 16 – Local 3
28033 – Madrid
Tel: 917682129 – Fax: 917682130
E-mail: geobox@raiconet.com
Contact: Pablo Mazzara


Houston – Your supplier sends your purchase order:
Tejas Freight Fwdg. Inc.

c/o Name of the consignee in Argentina
3340 Greens Road
Bldg. B, Ste. 680
Houston, TX 77032
Tel: 281 442-9377
Fax: 281 442-9468
E-mail: lucy@tejasfreight.net
Contact: Lucy Rodriguez

China con Traducción al Inglés
First name:  Name of the consignee Last name of the consignee
Last Name :  Name of the consignee/td>

Last name of the consignee
Company:  深圳振韵国际货运有限公司 Shenzhen ZhenYun International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.
Street Address:  深圳市宝安区福永下十围航空物流园C栋8-10号 NO. 8-10 Building C Xia Shi Wei Airline
Logistics Park, FUYONG, BAOAN district, Shenzhen City
City:  深圳 Shenzhen
State:  中国 China
Zip code: 518103 518103
Phone​: 巢云知+86 021-33887838 TOLL FREE (MAINLAND): 400-002-1202 Cloud Chao +86 021-33887838 TOLL FREE (MAINLAND): 400-002-1202
E-mail​: overseas@bclinks.com.cn overseas@bclinks.com.cn


Prohibited items for import service through our Power Shipping Service

You will find in this list some of the items prohibited in Argentina to be imported under the Courier regime.

• Jewelry, value goods: (art objects, jewels) money.
• Food of any kind, alcoholic drinks, dietary supplements, vitamins, medicines, natural preparations, which be consumed by a human being.
• Living or dead animals. Furs without process, natural plants.
• Fire arms or its components, knives, pocketknives, ammunitions.
• Falsified material “piracy”.
• Pornographic material.
• Compressed gas, flammable goods, spray paint, tear gas, hair spray, deodorant under the same presentation, suspension goods, airbags.
• Flammable goods, toxic, caustic, oxidized, matches.
• Instruments and systems of measuring.
• Electronic: Laptops, telephony, videogames, games console, photo cameras, film cameras, players, car stereos, portable TV, LCD monitors.
• Fabric, clothing, and footwear.
• Security components: helmets, safety belts, waistcoats.
• Watches, calculators, glasses.
• Tires.
• Batteries type A.
• Second hand articles or products.
• Toys.
• Articles or products for sport.
• Goods excluded for Courier regulations ( Res. 3236/96 and its amendments).
• Every article or product which implies intervention of a body as: INALI, SENASA, ANMAT,RENAR and others.


  • We provide the best transit times.
  • We are the only option considered as a courier of couriers in the country.
  • We have options to prioritize services in many categories.
  • We can remove shipments from and to anywhere in the world.
  • The only Courier which offers a customized packaging according to the needs.
  • Assignment of an account executive and of an exclusive customer service for each customer.
  • Through our web it is possible to:
    o Arrange pickups, quotations.
    o Check the status of your shipments (Track & Trace).
    o Global coverage.


  • Training for on line printing of airwaybills.
  • Insurance service: According to the type of goods to be carried.
  • Print of airwaybills and tracking of shipments.


Raiconet counts with highly trained staff to advice you and together manage to carry out a fast and reliable transaction according to your needs.


  • Cash.
  • Current account.
  • A payment of yearly subscription for mail box in Miami and Madrid.
  • On line payment through Mercado Pago (all means of payment).
  • Payments with credit cards.
  • Bank transfers.
  • Customized collects.