No Limits Urgent Light Freight

Import air service. Freights excluded courier.

It is a service specially designed to operate with freights excluded under the courier regime due to their weight, value or nature of the shipment, but not for this reason to lose the condition of urgency. The characteristic of this product is that it avoids the fixed costs of a standard airfreight shipment, such as the need to cut an individual master airwaybill, handling, in & out charges and other items related to the product; obtaining by this the operational treatment of a regular courier shipment door to airport. The service No Limits has daily flights frequency.
Our customer service department will send to your broker, in advance, a copy of the airwaybill, before it gets exported, allowing to submit the temporary import dispatch, the deposit and processing of the certificates. The same day of arrival, the original airwaybill will be delivered where the customer indicates.


  • We provide the best transit times.
  • We are the only option considered as a courier of couriers in the country.
  • We have options to prioritize services in many categories.
  • We can remove shipments from and to anywhere in the world.
  • The only Courier which offers a customized packaging according to the needs.
  • Assignment of an account executive and of an exclusive customer service for each customer.
  • Through our web it is possible to:o Arrange pickups, quotations.
    o Check the status of your shipments (Track & Trace).
    o Global coverage.


  • Training for on line printing of airwaybills.
  • Insurance service: According to the type of goods to be carried.
  • Print of airwaybills and tracking of shipments.


Raiconet counts with highly trained staff to advice you and together manage to carry out a fast and reliable transaction according to your needs.


  • Cash.
  • Current account.
  • A payment of yearly subscription for mail box in Miami and Madrid.
  • On line payment through Mercado Pago (all means of payment).
  • Payments with credit cards.
  • Bank transfers.
  • Customized collects.