Exporta Simple

Exporta Simple It is a digital tool designed by the Argentinean Production Ministry to facilitate exports from PYMES, regional companies and small entrepreneurs.

Raiconet is the only national operator that is part of the EXPORTA SIMPLE platform.  Important international agreements allow us to achieve various rates and adapt them to every need. Raiconet performs deliveries door to door and door to airport delivery service which allow us to provide a more complete and personalized service.


Delivery will take place at home, the success of your shipment will be subject to the type of goods and the regulations of each country.


We will take care of quickly reserve space for your shipment and secure it with the airlines and once the cargo arrives, at the destination airport, is the responsibility of the purchaser to clear customs as well as the payment of the corresponding duties and taxes required.

Our Customer Service Department will guide and provide counseling to the clients prior to exporting of the goods, assisting the customers to make the best decision for their shipments. Don’t forget that by carefully planning each operation from the beginning and our extensive experience and knowledge are the keys to success.

Requirements to operate within the platform:

  • CUIT: individual tax identification number & AFIP’s security access level 3 as a minimum
  • The annual amount invoiced of these exports shall not exceed the equivalent to 600 thousand dollars FOB value per individual
  • Each individual operation shall not exceed the FOB value of 15 thousand dollars per person.
  • Exported goods must be produced in the country and been unreached by any prohibition, suspension or export quota.
  • The weight of each shipment will be unlimited. Packages must not exceed the 145 cm wide by 180 cm high (there is no length limit). We suggest you consult about the restrictions and limitations corresponding to each airline according to destination.


  • Is the only regime where you don’t have to pay export taxes
  • We manage the reimbursement of your export credits.
  • We generate the simplified destination form for export for simple consumption (ECSI) & shipment export ß
  • We can Issue the certificates of origin for shipment to countries that may require them
  • We can condition the packaging of your shipment and will repack them if required
  • We will classify your product according to the corresponding customs tariff number.

Necessary information to be able to request quotes: exposimple@raiconet.com

  • Destination
  • Weight (kg)
  • Determination of volume: length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm)


  • Tariff code
  • Number of pieces
  • FOB value (USD)
  • Content description / type of merchandise
  • Indicate if you would like to insure the shipment or not
  • Time frame to deliver your shipment
  • Objective of your shipment (fair, present, etc.)

Forms of Payment:

  • Cash
  • Checking account
  • Online payment through “Mercado Libre” (all ways of payment are accepted).
  • Credit cards.
  • Bank transfers.
  • Personalized collections

Quote the best prices at www.exportasimple.gob.ar (link to platform)