International Air Freight

In Raiconet we have a strong and reliable network of agents within the 5 continents; agreements with the most important airlines allow us to provide worldwide coverage. We are in charge to propose to you different options to transport your shipment in a more efficient and economical way in accordance to the customer needs: door to door or at the closer airport of destination.
Our customers will receive along with the different options the related advantages when they send their air shipments with Raiconet, reserving in advance space in our warehouses, coordinating with our qualified staff the required paperwork to fulfill prior to exporting the shipment and giving continuous information of the status of your freight upon delivery. Our strength is in the value about what we offer to the customized attention of our customers and of the constant search of the best costs and delivery times for your shipments.


A courier service door to door for exports without limit of value and a maximum weight of 250 kilograms and that for its characteristics are excluded from the simplified service Courier. The shipper must be authorized to embark via airfreight and abroad it will be treated as a courier shipment, with door to door delivery. In this way you have the confirmation of the delivery due to the continuous information update on our network of international agents.


Due our wide range of options with defined transit times and low costs. Raiconet can fulfill the requirements of airfreight with confidence and reliability. We prepare the customs paperwork; we have a qualified staff to issue the shipping license, for that the interested party must have the export license authorized. Then the freight will embark on a first class airlines to the closer airport to the consignee.


Exclusive service of Raiconet for special accounts, we pick up from our customers, we carry and coordinate the delivery to the consignee address once the freight has been cleared from customs by the consignee or importer.

BENEFITS International Air Freight

  • We work with the best transit times.
  • We are the only option which work as a courier of couriers in the country.
  • We can remove shipments from any city in Argentina to be sent into the world.
  • We have options of priority services in many categories.
  • The only Courier which offers a customized packaging according to the needs.
  • Assigment of an account executive and of an exclusive customer service for each customers.
  • Through our web it is posible to:
    1. Arrange pick ups, quotations.
    2. Check the status of your shipments (Track & Trace).
    3. Global coverage.


  • Training for on line printing of airwaybills.
  • Insurance service: According to the type of goods to be carried.
  • Print of airwaybills and tracking of shipments.


Raiconet has a highly trained staff to advice you and together to carry out a fast transaction, reliable and according to your needs


  • Cash.
  • Current account.
  • On line payment through Mercado Pago (all means of payment).
  • Payments with credit cards.
  • Bank transfers.
  • Customized collects.