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AFIP’s General Resolution N° 4049/2017


In order to facilitate, through the postal service, exports of minor commercial operations that do not exceed $15,000 and 300 kilos of weight, a simplified regime of exports was created, it was called “Exporta Simple”.


For compliance with this regime, the following points must be respected:

• CUIT – unique key of tax identification (tax ID number) and Fiscal password with a security level 3 as a minimum.

• The annual amount of turnover of these exports shall not exceed the equivalent to 600 thousand dollars FOB value per user.

• Each individual operation shall not exceed the FOB value of 15 thousand dollars per person.

• Exported goods must be produced in the country, and unreached by prohibition, suspension or export quota.

• The weight of each shipment shall not exceed the 300 kilos gross.

• The goods to be exported through this scheme may not be subjected to an operative treatment specifically regulated by customs controls.


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