New FOB Limit for imported Courier Shipments

Beginning on June 1st 2018, the FOB limit allowed for courier shipments was incremented to U$S 3.000.




If you want to learn more about the modification to AFIP’s General Resolution 4259/18 :

AFIP General Resolution #4259/18

Ref. Postal Service Providers PSP/Courier – Modifications.
May 31st 2018 (BO June 1st 2018)

Seen ANA’s Resolution #2436/96 from the former Argentinean National Customs Administration from July 16th 1996, its modifications and addendums and AFIP’s General Resolution #1811/05


New rules were approved as per the mentioned resolution in regards to the import and export of good by enabled registered as Postal Service Providers PSP / Courier companies.

AFIP’s General Resolution #1811/05 established that the mentioned providers may formalize the simplify application form for imports or exports for consumption, where the maximum FOB value shall not exceed the limits stablished here.

As a consequence of the comparative analysis carried out regarding the maximum values allowed for transactions with countries of the region, it was determined it was necessary to update the current limits.

Also, by Note number No-2018-21806418-APN-DNFC #MP the National Directorate of Trade Facilitation, under the Ministry of Commerce, said that it is reasonable and appropriate to proceed with the update on the value limits for the above operations. It has been taken the intervention that competes them, the Legislative Directorate, General Sub Directorates of Legal Affairs, Customs Technical Legal and Control department and Customs General Directorate.

That the present resolution is executed by the powers conferred by article 7 of Decree No.618/97 of July 10th 1997, its amendments and it’s complementary.

For this reason,


ARTÍCLE 1°.- Determines that Postal Service Providers PSP/Courier will be allowed to submit a simplified import / export request form for consumption, according to what is stablished on Res. ANA 2436/96, its amendments and complimentaries only if:
a) The FOB value of exported goods does not exceed a thousand US dollars (USD $1,000) for each sender of the shipment; and
b) The FOB value of the goods to be imported does not exceed three thousand American dollars (USD $3.000) for each recipient.

ARTÍCLE 2°.- Repeal AFIP’s General. Res.1811/05 from the date of entry into force of the present.
Any reference to AFIP’s General. Res.1811/05, shall be referred to this norm.

ARTÍCLE 3°. – This resolution should become effective from the day it is published on the official Bulletin and applicable to any shipments that by that date are still under clearance process.

ARTÍCLE 4°.- To be communicated, give it to the National Official Registry, spread it through the General Direction of customs newsletter and archive it.