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Requirements to send an export Courier shipment:

To send shipments containing goods with or without a commercial purpose, the weight must not exceed 50 kilograms of gross weight nor USD 3.000 of FOB value for the international courier service.

Necessary requirements to send documents:

– Complete the airwaybill.

Necessary requirements to send samples:
– You must prepare a commercial invoice or bill of sale with the following details:
– Complete data from the consignor (CUIT, registered name, address, zip code, city, state, province, country, pone)
– Complete data from the consignee (registered name, address, individual, zip code, city, state, province, country, phone, key/number of tax identification from consignee for customs purpose: CUIT/ CNPJ-CPF / RFC / RUT / IN / EIN / RUC / VAT / ABN, or according to the local requirements).
– Information about the good: content description of the package, its real commercial value in dollars.
– The invoice must be printed in triplicate and signed by a responsible person.
– It is necessary to complete and sign the airwaybill.
– According to the kind of good the customs can ask for additional certificates.

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