Declaration advance payments abroad

The Declaration advance payments abroad

Was incorporated by the General Resolution AFIP 3.417 to the system of unique Foreign Commerce window to pay abroad and that is related to the system of imports by Courier, with financial debts caused in purchase of goods not entered to Argentine and sold to other countries and financial incomes. Then, your responsibility is extended to rent machinery, tools and different personal properties.

To do an advanced declaration for payments abroad you must follow these steps:

Download the application:

  1. Enter with the fiscal password to
  2. Select -Administrador de relaciones con clave fiscal-
  3. Select -Adhere Service-
  4. Press in the logo AFIP and then in -Interactive Services-


5. Inform this list, choose – Declaration in advance for payments to the abroad-


6. Finally click in – Incorporate a new relation –


We entry the form


Step 1: Entry of the form Information of payment

Date of the transaction
Number of invoice or document equivalent
Amount to play
FOB value
Hamonized tariff code with the highest FOB value
Quantify of units
Unit of sale
Condition of the good
Origin country
Country of departure
Method of payment
CUIT of the service supplier (complete only if the supplier is of national origin)

If it is an argentine Courier , the number of CUIT will have to be informed in the first screen of the entry of data: 30-62335685-6 RAICO S.A..


The asterisk indicates your selection in the advanced declaration of payments abroad. In the event of importing a courier shipment the item 156, in advance payments for import of goods, must be selected.