An Argentinean firm will compete with DHL and FedEx

El Cronista

– Wednesday February 7th 2018 –

An Argentinean Company joined the platform for Simple Export (Exporta Simple), which already counts with five main operators that allow customers to quote online and to ship overseas Argentinean products without the need of intermediaries.

The Argentinean Company is RAICO, they will begin to quote customers and to compete with international carriers such as DHL, FedEx, TNT and UPS, as was announced yesterday by the Production Ministry.

Exporta Simple is a platform that enables entrepreneurs and PYMES to export their products from a computer to anywhere in the world.

Through this simplified regime you can export goods produced in the country, up to 300 kilos and USD $15,000. With an annual ceiling of USD $600,000. It is not necessary to be inscribed at the Argentinean Customs Importers & Exporters register and there is no prior arrangements needed to have access to this tool.

The program already have been accessed by 158 PYMES and 31% of them already made their first export operation.
Some of the products sold abroad were wallets, articles of calibration, clothing, magic items, fishing nets, leather saddles, guitar strings, machine spare parts, tools, clock parts.

The destinations were various, United States, Angola, Brazil, Chile, Italy, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, Australia and Israel.